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Laundry and Plumbing Problems

Posted on: February 25th, 2012 by cartersmyplumber No Comments

What does your laundry have to do with plumbing?

More than you think, actually. You see, burst hoses and water lines are one of the most common causes of home flooding.  It is a classic fear of anyone with a washing machine that one of the water supply hoses, hidden away at the back of the machine, will burst and bring on a flood on the level of Noah. The damage can go from hundreds of dollars up into the thousands – especially here in Greenwood, Indiana since many people have their laundry facilities in their basements adding the potential risk of a basement flood.

This is unfortunate since prevention of these problems costs only a fraction of the potential damage.  Having a plumbing system tune up preformed by Carter’s My Plumber can help identify possible problems and provide inexpensive, cost effective solutions. We’ll attend to the plumbing you, you tend to the laundry.

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